Developing Products for Niche Market Segments with Lambda School’s Trevor McKendrick

trevor mckendrick

In this episode of Built to Stay, Bart interviews Trevor McKendrick. Trevor received media attention, including a cameo on Gimlet’s Startup podcast, because he started a Spanish Bible app even though he himself is an atheist. After noticing an unfilled niche in the app store, Trevor build the app hoping to make a couple hundred bucks a month. His app ended up making him 10x that and he continued to build his company which he eventually sold. Trevor discusses how he sold his business and the current projects he is working on at the Lambda School as well as his experience with content marketing.

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Bootstrapping an App to 150M downloads with Hector Lopez of Instasize

If you’re looking for a business idea, start by looking for a problem to solve. That’s what college friends Hector, Eddy, and Omar did when they started Instasize, an app that automatically cropped your photos for Instagram. In the past 6 years, they’ve grown Instasize into a full visual toolkit for content creators. Last year, Instasize reached some impressive milestones: $14 million in revenue, 12 million monthly active users and 500,000 paid subscribers.

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Dating your Customers with Zack Oates

Zack Oates runs Ovation, a customer experience and engagement platform for brick and mortar businesses. He is an entrepreneur, author, consultant, and blogger. He started a non-profit assisting battered women’s shelters in Ukraine. Listen to how Zack’s business can help stores build to stay.

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