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How Partnerships can Affect a Brand | Jasmin Aujla of Man Repeller

man repeller podcast

In this episode of Built to Stay, we talk with Jasmin Aujla, director of partnerships at Man Repeller. We dive into partnerships and how they can benefit brands. Some of the things Jasmine really emphasizes are being genuine as a brand, what an ideal partnership looks like, and how events have helped Man Repeller grow. As Bart says in this episode, partnerships, at its roots are, “ a great way to fill in the gaps…and ally with people that are going down the same path or working with similar audiences.”

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The Founding Fathers of the Tech Industry | Gary Kennedy

gary kennedy

In this episode of Built to Stay, we interview Gary Kennedy, one of the original workers of Oracle and first investor, president, and CEO at Ten Fold. Gary had great success in the tech industry and explains his story and what he learned working in some of the top tech companies of the 90’s and early 2000’s. In this episode, we dive into how to rebound after a drop in a company, how Gary chose to move from a stable job to a risky start up, and what makes him interested in some investment ideas.

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Saving a Factory with Albion Fit | Liz Findlay

albion fit liz findlay

In this episode of Built to Stay, we interview Liz Findlay, founder of Albion Fit, an athleisure clothing company. Liz gives an extremely vivid example of rising up after falling. Liz was working on her master’s degree when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She and her husband and their newborn twins relocated to Guatemala to be closer to her parents. During that time, they started Albion Fit in an effort to save her parent’s clothing factory. Liz shares the incredible Albion Fit story and how she worked through challenges, setbacks, and rose above it all.

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