Mom’s Multimillion-dollar Startup with Chatbooks co-founder Vanessa Quigley

Today host Bart Bradshaw speaks with Vanessa Quigley, co-founder of Chatbooks. When Vanessa got the idea to start Chatbooks, a consumer tech startup that turns your Instagram feed into scrapbooks, she was a busy mother of seven. But Vanessa and her husband Nate took the leap and have built Chatbooks into a multimillion-dollar company. She is also the host of the MomForce podcast.

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Philanthropy as a Business with Community Foundation of Utah CEO Alex Eaton

alex eaton

Today Bart Bradshaw talks with Alex Eaton the CEO of Community Foundation of Utah. Alex spent a few years working on nonprofits in Zimbabwe before she moved to Utah to work in investments. She missed her nonprofit work and left to become the CFO of the Utah Girl Scouts before joining the Community Foundation of Utah. Alex shares how businesses and business owners can contribute to charities and reap tax benefits. You don’t need to be worth millions to start contributing to nonprofits and charities in an informed way.

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