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Bootstrapping an App to 150M downloads with Hector Lopez of Instasize

If you’re looking for a business idea, start by looking for a problem to solve. That’s what college friends Hector, Eddy, and Omar did when they started Instasize, an app that automatically cropped your photos for Instagram. In the past 6 years, they’ve grown Instasize into a full visual toolkit for content creators. Last year, Instasize reached some impressive milestones: $14 million in revenue, 12 million monthly active users and 500,000 paid subscribers.

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Dating your Customers with Zack Oates

Zack Oates runs Ovation, a customer experience and engagement platform for brick and mortar businesses. He is an entrepreneur, author, consultant, and blogger. He started a non-profit assisting battered women’s shelters in Ukraine. Listen to how Zack’s business can help stores build to stay.

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